Professional LED Tooth-Whitening for a Picture Perfect Smile

Welcome to PhotoWhite, where we offer Professional LED Teeth-Whitening for a Picture-Perfect SMILE! There is no need to go to a medical practice for a cosmetic service, especially with the mark-up. You can come in, relax, watch your favorite show, or maybe even take a nap, as we brighten your smile 2 to 4 shades! You will see results immediately, and we will take good care to make sure you are comfortable throughout the process !

Mini Session

30 minutes • $49

30-Minute session (results are one shade lighter) while you are getting you hair done or simply for the ones in a hurry!


1 hour • $89

60-minute professional LED tooth-whitening treatment for all, including sensitive teeth or gums


1 hour 15 minutes • $109

75-minute High Strength LED tooth-whitening treatment for optimum results


1 hour • $159

60-Minute Professional LED tooth-whitening Package for TWO People who come together

Mobile Teeth Whitening

PhotoWhite offers MOBILE TEETH-WHITENING at group rates! We will come to your home, office, gym, salon, or special event and perform our teeth-whitening services ON-SITE for your convenience! E-mail for a quote today!